Thermostats have come a long way in the last ten years. Today we have simple digital thermostats that simply turn your equipment on and off and we also have the other end of the spectrum in HVAC control. Bryant has spent millions of dollars and years of research developing the Evolution Control. The Evolution Control uses weather data to determine the most efficient and optimal operation of your HVAC equipment. Loaded with technology, the Evolution Control can also notify you by email, and us if you choose, of a system malfunction or potential problem before it occurs, keeping you from discovering a problem at the worst time possible. Remote connectivity through your home WiFi system can give you control of your home’s comfort system from anywhere. The Evolution Control even diagnoses system problems and records malfunctions to memory, making on site diagnostics even easier. The ultimate control for ultimate control!

Thermostats we offer:

The NEST thermostat has been hugely successful. Crowned one of the most innovative controls ever designed, the NEST uses user input to write its own program, creating a schedule that mimics your lifestyle. Simple to use, easy to read, the NEST is every gadget seekers dream come true. Purchase your own and have us install it, or let us handle it all for you. If the NEST is what you want, BREMAC can help you get it.


Pair your ecobee with sensors for all-around comfort and savings. Measure temperature and occupancy in the rooms they’re in to help manage hot or cold spots throughout the home. Automatically adjusts your ecobee to the right mode for savings when it senses you’re not home. Get room-specific temperature and occupancy readings with the ecobee mobile app on your iOS or Android device.


The T6 Thermostat offers a range of powerful programming options along with the ability to monitor and adjust indoor humidity when matched with the proper equipment. Enjoy total system control with our compact and unobtrusive programmable thermostat. Also available in non-programmable.

Aprilaire Universal Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat w/ Event-Based Air Cleaning

This thermostat allows you to clean your air on your terms: Event-Based™ Air Cleaning circulates air throughout your home periodically throughout the day or for a specific period of time to provide greater comfort through cleaner air and more even temperatures. It also helps you save on energy costs & ensures your home is always at your desired temperature by activating the heating and cooling equipment prior to a scheduled setting.

Aprilaire 8466 (Programmable) & 8848 (Non-Programmable)

The Aprilaire thermostats enables you to control your heating and cooling system for total comfort and efficiency. Some of the keyw features of these are energy savings, progressive recovery and single stage & multistage control for standard & heat pump systems. The universal Aprilaire Model 8466 Thermostat is a programmable thermostat offering simple and convenient functions in a quality digital control. It works with both standard and heat pump HVAC systems and is installed by a local HVAC professional.


The Bryant® Housewise™ Wi-Fi® Thermostat provides you and your family with comfort around the house and around the clock. You’re just a touch away from having ultimate control over the way your heating and cooling system uses energy and gaining real money savings. The Housewise thermostat has been Energy Star® certified and is part of a new breed of comfort management devices that can save homeowners an average of 20% on their heating and cooling energy costs. With Wi-Fi® capability, you can access your system 24/7 from almost anywhere and view detailed energy reporting from your tablet or web portal.

Aprilaire Model 8840 Automation Thermostat with IAQ Control

When paired with an Aprilaire whole‐home air purifier, the Aprilaire Model 8840 Wi-Fi Thermostat allows you to clean your home’s air on your terms with Event‐Based™ Air Cleaning. This is perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers and for times when your air is more contaminated than usual—for example, when pollen counts are high or you’re churning up dust when vacuuming. Event‐Based Air Cleaning includes four options for purifying your air: Constant Clean runs 24/7, Automatic runs for a minimum of 30 minutes every hour, Event Clean runs for three hours, and Allergy runs for 24 hours and then returns to the most recent mode.