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FAQ: Can I replace the air conditioner with a heat pump? – We answer great questions

I have a boiler for heat and air conditioning vents in the ceiling, can I replace the air conditioner with a heat pump?

Replace the air conditioner with a heat pump from bryant and installed and serviced by BREMAC

This will work in some circumstances. For instance, if your supply air comes out of your ceiling and your return grille is low on the wall, this may work.

Most homes ducted for air conditioning will have ceiling supply registers and a ceiling return. If that describes your home, converting to heat pump heating will not work. Warm air rises so the hot air coming out of ceiling registers will stay up near the ceiling. With the return grille also in the ceiling, it will pull back the warm air near the ceiling that it just deposited. The cold air will stay low, making it very uncomfortable during the heating season.

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