Change your air filter MONTHLY to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.
High humidity can be a real problem. Contact us about a whole house de-humidifier for your home that works automatically with your existing A/C system.

Take control of indoor humidity with a Thermidistat. When used with certain equipment, YOU determine what your indoor relative humidity will be during the cooling season.

If your air conditioner or heat pump freezes up during the cooling season, turn your thermostat to the OFF position and turn your fan to the ON position. If your air filter is not EXTREMELY dirty call for Service.

If your Heat Pump freezes up during the winter, chances are your defrost cycle is not working properly. Turn your thermostat to Emergency Heat and Call BREMAC for service at 559-8763.

If your digital thermostat goes blank, you have lost power to your furnace or blower. Check your breakers/fuses. If problem persists, call BREMAC for service at 559-8763.
You should wash your heat pump or air conditioner coil off with the garden hose on a regular basis. A clean coil will increase the efficiency of your cooling system and eliminate additional stress on the system.

Thinking of replacing your Heating/cooling system? Here’s a few things to consider …

At BREMAC, we do everything we can to ensure the best possible installation of your new Heating/cooling system.

How does BREMAC do that? We do it “By The Book”. Quite simply, our installations are done in accordance with manufacturers specifications.

In this industry, competition has become very tough. There are some who would cut corners in order to keep their prices low and competitive. At BREMAC, we don’t skimp on good installation practices. That’s why we take a little longer to install a new Heating/cooling system.
Yes, but unfortunately they are expensive and few companies require their technicians to use a micron gauge.
We install a Liquid Line Filter/Drier on every refrigeration system we work on. The Filter/Drier will help remove any contaminates that may remain in the refrigeration system that could cause you problems down the road. We even install Filter/Driers on brand new systems just to be safe.
All heat pumps and most air conditioners we install are placed on Snow Feet. The Snow Feet will elevate the outdoor unit about six inches so that it is not sitting directly on top of the concrete pad. This allows the unit to stay clean and dry on the bottom which will keep the base pan of your new unit from corroding. The primary purpose of Snow Feet is to keep heat pump units off the ground and above most snow lines. This allows your heat pump to “breathe” during periods of snowfall and will actually increase your units’ efficiency and capacity. This also allows you to easily remove any leaves or debris that may have collected up under the unit.

Also, BREMAC uses PVC condensate traps and not ABS condensate traps. The PVC trap is slightly larger than the ABS trap. This slightly larger trap will allow the water, formed from condensation inside your unit, to flow easier and is less likely to clog up and cause water problems than an ABS trap. Same price, better product.

Additionally, most systems we install are soldered together using a 15% silver brazing compound. This brazing compound melts at very high temperatures and when copper refrigerant lines are heated to this high temperature, any oxygen inside the refrigerant line will oxidize on the inside surface of the copper line and form a scale. This scale will eventually break off and travel down the refrigeration system and can cause system malfunction or breakdown. Often times, the repair requires more brazing and can lead to more oxidation within the refrigeration system.

That’s easy. We simply run pure nitrogen through the refrigeration lines while we are brazing. The nitrogen displaces the oxygen and keeps the copper lines from oxidizing on the inside. It takes just a little extra time but the results are well worth it.
The federal government has mandated that the refrigerant HCFC-22 must be phased out. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, BREMAC has been closely aligned with Carrier Corporation and Bryant which have been the first in the nation to utilize the new refrigerant Puron. Most other manufacturers have only recently developed their HCFC-22 replacement systems or are in process of developing their HCFC-22 replacement systems. BREMAC and BRYANT have been installing Puron systems since 1996. Our combined experience assures you of the proper installation of a proven reliable performer.

Our goal is to install every Heating/cooling system in a careful and competent manner using the latest tools and techniques available. We take pride in the work we do. If your contractor doesn’t do the few items we mentioned above, you are not getting the best possible work for your hard earned money. At BREMAC, Our Business is Quality.