If you’re looking for straightforward temperature control, without relying on ductwork, BREMAC installs and services ductless mini- and multi-split systems.  Target a single or multiple rooms.  Personalize comfort room-by-room with compact, energy efficient units and thermostats. Enjoy the perfect amount of heating or cooling, and only condition those zones that are occupied for greater energy savings.  These systems are extremely efficient, quiet, and require little more than a small hole in an exterior wall.  And when you contact BREMAC, we recommend the right system for your exact needs, and can usually complete installation in one day.  There’s no giant mess, no debris left behind, and your system is neatly incorporated into your decor.

Your source for ductless split services!

BREMAC specializes in the installation and maintenance of ductless systems, bringing our customers the most technologically advanced options on the market.  Multi-stage allergen filtration traps dust and contaminants to ensure a clean and healthy home. Optional RedLink enabled wireless controllers allow system adjustment from your smartphone or tablet.  Hyper-heating Inverter technology ensures sufficient heating during the coldest times of winter, and i-see Sensor monitors indoor conditions and automatically adjusts to eliminate hot or cold spots near the ceiling or floor.  Whisper-quiet and mounted high on the wall, the indoor units are streamlined and attractive, while the slim profile of outdoor units allows flexibility in location.  Whether you’re ready to take advantage of a whole new level of convenience and comfort, or looking for service for your existing system, BREMAC provides superior solutions across Central VA.