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Is Duct Cleaning right for me? Does it really work?
These are good questions that should be asked by anyone considering having their ducts cleaned. For years we have advised our customers against having their ducts cleaned. There was not a truly effective method for adequately cleaning ductwork and the “duct cleaning” that was offered generally created more problems than it solved. All that has changed now that there is Rotobrush. Rotobrush uses a powerful state of the art vacuum with HEPA filtration that keeps all that nasty stuff that was in your ductwork out of your home.

The Rotobrush system uses a rotating brush attached to the end of the vacuum hose that actually scrubs the walls of your ductwork. How do you know it’s working? That’s the best part! Our Duct Cleaning system has a video camera mounted on the end of the vacuum hose that guides our movements and will allow us to see what is in your ducts and it also allows you to see what we are doing for you! You’ve worked hard for your money. Shouldn’t you be able to know for sure that your ducts are being cleaned properly? With our┬áDuct Cleaning Rotobrush system, you can see for yourself. We will even give you a DVD of your duct cleaning if you desire. Wow, what a great way to spend a Saturday night!

“How do I know my ducts are being cleaned?”
When considering duct cleaning, ask your contractor the following questions. (HINT – they should all be YES!)

“Can I see what you are doing? Do you have video evidence?”

“Can I have a copy of the video when you are finished?”

“Are the walls of my ductwork going to be scrubbed clean?”

“You are vacuuming up some pretty nasty stuff. Do you have HEPA filtration to keep it out of my home?”

” Do you use an antimicrobial fog after you are finished cleaning my ducts?”

” Do you have a bactericide?”

“Will you protect my floors while moving around in my home?”

“There are a lot of house fires due to clogged dryer vents. Can you clean mine? My registers are old and ugly. Can you replace them?”

Duct cleaning can eliminate odors and can remove harmful dust and dirt within your ductwork. If you have someone in your home with allergies or asthma, a good duct cleaning may reduce their symptoms. Video duct cleaning can also provide valuable information about the interior of your duct systems. Often times we find problems with duct systems that can easily be remedied, saving the homeowner energy dollars and making the home more comfortable.

Don’t trust your home to just anyone and don’t throw your hard earned money at any old duct cleaning. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for and what you deserve. Call BREMAC at 804-559-8763 for a free video inspection of your ductwork. NOT ALL DUCTS NEED TO BE CLEANED! Be sure your duct system needs cleaning before you spend the money. See for yourself. Call now for a free video inspection of your ductwork – 804-559-8763 or email us at info@bremacair.com.

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