BREMAC’s Response to Coronavirus COVID-19

We know our customers are wondering about service availability and the precautions our team is taking in relation to Coronavirus COVID-19 safety. We want to share a specific set of precautions that we are taking so that those who are interested in our services can feel comfortable continuing to do so.

BREMAC is committed to the health and safety of our customers, our team, and the community we serve and love. With students of all ages and employees of most organizations having to stay home, it is perhaps more important than ever for the BREMAC team to maintain the environmental comfort of our customers.

We have just begun allergy season and will soon face warmer temperatures and increased humidity. These seasonal changes that necessitate properly working air purification, air conditioning, and dehumidifying systems have no concern for the virus.

Service Technician Visits

BREMAC remains available to customers 24×7. We continue to offer all services day and night, weekdays and weekends. We have implemented new precautionary practices to protect our team and our customers as best as reasonably possible.

Our technicians will…

  • maintain the recommended distance from customers when entering homes and businesses,
  • converse with homeowners and business contacts from a safe distance,
  • greet customers with a smile, a wave, and a courteous hello … no handshake or other greeting involving contact will be made,
  • wear gloves at all times that are either a fresh pair at the start of each service visit or have been sprayed with CDC-approved, virus-killing disinfectants,
  • use a disinfectant wipe or other disposable napkin, tissue, or cloth to operate all touchpoints that a customer may also operate such as doorknobs, thermostats, faucet handles, etc.,
  • only present papers for customers to sign when absolutely necessary but without any additional materials that may be previously touched such as clipboards and pens,
  • not leave behind a worksheet recording the work performed… these will be scanned at the office and emailed to customers.

Though no protection from Coronavirus COVID-19 is guaranteed, we believe these measures are very comprehensive. We want to allow our customers to still receive the services they need to maintain the comfort and convenience of their utilities at a time that such is desperately needed.

During this time of customers having to be home, we are ready to respond quickly…

To schedule these and other services, click the chat option in the lower right of this window to connect with us instantly 8 am – 6 pm M-F, give us a call at 804-559-8763, or use our online contact form to submit your request.

Equipment Estimates and Installations

We are also continuing installations of new and replacement systems for residences and commercial sites. Our inspectors and account managers will seek to minimize the frequency, duration, and proximity of in-person conversations. We will strive to work with prospective and existing customers by phone, email, and text as much as possible.

As with our technicians, our account managers will observe non-contact greetings and will not share common use items such as pens and clipboards. Team members will also wear gloves or will sterilize their hands in view of customers when sharing print materials to convey product details, project estimates, product samples, and warranty materials.

You can expect us to follow these precautions and more throughout the entirety of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Only when we get the all-clear from federal authorities will we return to prior operational practices.

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