When the heat is on, don’t wait for problems with your cooling system to start and ruin your comfort. Schedule air conditioning service with the HVAC professionals from BREMAC and enjoy the benefits of preventive maintenance throughout the summer.

If you think your air conditioner is no longer blowing cool air, is running long, is making odd noises, or is working harder than it did last summer, you may need an air conditioner inspection… pronto.

Air conditioner broken? AC repair needed? Time to upgrade your air conditioning? BREMAC provides air conditioning service for most models.
Watermelon sure is delicious… and low in calories, but our air conditioning service is much better at keeping you cool and comfortable.

BREMAC technicians are factory-trained and NATE-certified. That means our team is among the best at installing and servicing all types, brands, and models of cooling systems. Their expertise ensures maximum value from your home improvement investment, savings to your wallet, and comfort to your home.  

Schedule an Air Conditioning Service Appointment

We offer convenient AC service appointment times across Central VA, courtesy calls before arrival, and stand behind our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  

Conveniently schedule an AC service appointment online, chat us, or click to call using the buttons below depending on where you live. Experiencing a problem with your cooling system in the evening or on the weekend? Don’t worry, we offer 24×7 service and repair, with after-hours diagnostic services discounted for members of select BREMAC Comfort Care Maintenance Plans.

With regular air conditioning inspection and maintenance from BREMAC, you’ll enjoy optimum comfort and convenience!

Our qualified professionals utilize proven techniques for cleaning, tuning, and adjustment procedures to ensure optimum performance.  We provide unfailing professionalism and ongoing rewards to satisfied customers across Central VA. When you trust the upkeep of your cooling system to BREMAC, there’s no better protection.

Here are the many advantages of a BREMAC Comfort Care Plan:

  • Meticulous cleaning and tuning results in peak efficiency and restored capacity, for greater energy savings and comfort.
  • Through timely troubleshooting, equipment life is significantly extended.
  • Properly maintained equipment provides quieter operation, healthier air quality, and more consistent temperature control.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty requirements are fulfilled.
  • Your cooling system will cost less to operate and own.
  • Issues are detected before becoming problems and are corrected, protecting against disruption, discomfort, and possible property damage.
  • Avoid the majority of malfunctions, and in the event of a breakdown, receive a 15% discount on repairs.
  • Enjoy priority service with premium time slots reserved in our daily service schedule.
  • In the event of an emergency, there are no overtime charges for service outside regular business hours.
  • Get a $50 discount on our after-hours diagnostic charge or a $100 discount on our holiday diagnostic charge.
  • FREE replacement thermostat.
  • Our standard one-year-warranty is doubled to a two-year warranty protection on parts and labor for all HVAC repairs.
  • Flexible payment options for convenient monthly credit card billing.

Air Conditioner Inspection

Our cooling system service process starts with a comprehensive air conditioner inspection to accurately identify what needs testing and fixing to maximize your AC service.

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  • compressors
  • blowers
  • refrigerant
  • pipes
  • connections
  • ductwork
  • vents
  • thermostat
  • wiring
  • housing
  • and much more

We breakdown the problem(s) into understandable terms and we thoroughly explain our findings until you feel satisified that our AC service technician has properly diagnosed the situation and offered a sensible solution.

We detail the parts and repairs that may be needed, the options to choose from if there are multiple, the costs, the warranty, and the desired outcome. We always want you to be confident in your choice to depend on BREMAC and our recommended solutions to maximize your comfort at home or at work.

air conditioning repair technician with homeowner
BREMAC air conditioning service techs clearly explain problems and solutions

Residential Air Conditioning Service and Commercial Cooling System Repair

We quickly and cleanly perform your residential air conditioning service or commercial cooling system repair so that we may get you back to the enjoyable comfort of cool air as quickly as possible.

Our AC repair is guaranteed with a one year warranty on parts and labor. That is doubled to two years for members of select BREMAC Custom Comfort Care Maintenance Plans.

Ductless Air Conditioners

We install, service, and repair all models of ductless air conditioning cooling systems for residential and commercial customers. A ductless AC unit offers a lower cost, faster installation, and cheaper maintenance option when air conditioning needs vary by room within a home or business or need to be extended to areas not yet serviced by an existing air conditioner or heat pump.

Ductless units are a great way to heat and cool spot areas such as bonus rooms, sunrooms, room over a garage, garages, finished attic spaces, or basements. Any area with cooling and heating needs that differ from the rest of the home can be difficult to comfortably heat or cool and is a great candidate for a ductless heat pump system. Ductless units are very quiet, offer variable capacities for a wide range of comfort, and are highly efficient – up to 42 SEER!! And, of course, we provide ductless air conditioning service post-installation, too.

For more about ductless air systems for your home, office, store, or warehouse, click/tap over to our Ductless Splits page.

Air conditioner installation, service, and repair by BREMAC
Ductless air conditioners offer a low cost, quick, and custom cooling system