Thermostats have come a long way in the last ten years. Today we have simple digital thermostats that simply turn your equipment on and off and we also have the other end of the spectrum in HVAC control. Bryant has spent millions of dollars and years of research developing the Evolution Control. The Evolution Control uses weather data to determine the most efficient and optimal operation of your HVAC equipment. Loaded with technology, the Evolution Control can also notify you by email, and us if you choose, of a system malfunction or potential problem before it occurs, keeping you from discovering a problem at the worst time possible. Remote connectivity through your home WiFi system can give you control of your home’s comfort system from anywhere. The Evolution Control even diagnoses system problems and records malfunctions to memory, making on site diagnostics even easier. The ultimate control for ultimate control!

The NEST thermostat has been hugely successful. Crowned one of the most innovative controls ever designed, the NEST uses user input to write its own program, creating a schedule that mimics your lifestyle. Simple to use, easy to read, the NEST is every gadget seekers dream come true. Purchase your own and have us install it, or let us handle it all for you. If the NEST is what you want, BREMAC can help you get it.